Warranties and repairs
What is the warranty period of my appliance;
EINHELL equipment is quaranteed for 2 YEARS from the date of purchase, under the normal conditios
of used described in the owner's operating manual and no attempt is made for repairs with unauthorised persons.
What proof is required for the warranty;
To benefit from the warranty, simply present the proof of purchase, receipt or invoice.
What should I do in case of tool failure;
Please present the faulty tool with proof of purchase to the store from which the tool has been purchased.
Petrol Engine Tools
How to make a good petrol mixture?
Two stroke engines require a mixture of lead free 95 octane petrol + 100% synthetic oil ( do not use semi-synthetic oil, since its content is variable and it is impossible to define the correct mixture). The mixture proportions are given in the customer's operating manual: read carefully before starting your tool and consult the counter salesman.
Are ready-to-use mixtures bought in the shop suitable?
You are strongly recommended to avoid ready-to-use mixtures, even if they contain additives.