Einhell-1003120-BT-BC 22E Charger
Einhell-1003120-BT-BC 22E Charger
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Einhell T-BC 22 E Battery Charger 12V - the product details below will help you select and purchase the item you want at Conrad online:

Powerful, automatic charger with switchable charging current for normal and rapid charging for jump starts. The built-in ammeter reliably shows the present charge current. Powerful terminal clamps with insulated handles ensure optimum contact with the battery terminals. Electronic charge control limits the charge voltage to 14.1 V during automatic charging (WU curve). It is therefore not possible to overload the connected battery so there is no need to supervise charging. Therefore, the charger is suitable for maintenance-free batteries and for trickle charging. When charging conventionally, the unit uses more power and does not limit charge current (W curve). It is possible to switch from normal charging to rapid charging both in automatic mode and without charge current limitation.