TE-OS 18 Li - Solo (Art. 4460710 - Sander
TE-OS 18 Li - Solo (Art. 4460710 - Sander
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The TE-OS 18 Li – Solo multi sander comes with the "Extreme Fix" Velcro fastening so that the abrasive paper can be changed in seconds and then deliver a high rate of material removal due to low slippage. For clean, practically dust-free working there is a dust collection box with active dust extraction. Using the dust extractor adapter the box can be replaced by a vacuum cleaner for drawing off the grinding/sanding dust directly – in this way the air remains clean and the abrasive paper sharp. The rugged aluminum fan impeller ensures that the sander runs smoothly to deliver optimum results. Six sheets of abrasive paper for wood are included so that you can begin work immediately. The tool is supplied without battery and charger. These are available separately. In addition, the tool can also be run using a battery from another tool from the Power X-Change family.