Einhell-4257843-BT-EN 30E-Electric Nailer
Einhell-4257843-BT-EN 30E-Electric Nailer
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The BT-EN 30 E electric stapler lets DIY enthusiasts perform stapling and nailing jobs with comfort and speed on many tasks in the home and hobby room. Thanks to the electronic stapling force controller, the tool's power can be precisely adjusted to the requirements of the particular material. A rapid shot sequence of 30 shots per minute enables speedy operation.

The ergonomic soft grip of the BT-EN 30 E ensure safe and comfortable handling. The housing surface is "soft-painted" to provide a particularly good grip. A safety lug protects man and material by preventing accidental triggering. The rear loading system of the electric stapler enables easy reloading, and thanks to the level indicator you can see at a glance how full the magazine is. Complete with 300 staples size 6 x 25 mm, 200 staples size 6 x 15 mm, 300 nails size 32 mm and 200 nails size 25 mm, there are 1000 shots for immediate use on various jobs.