Einhell-4520190-Hot Air Gun with Settings
Einhell-4520190-Hot Air Gun with Settings
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The RT-HA 2000 E hot air gun is a high-quality, powerful tool which in expert hands is an indispensable helper on jobs involving the removal of old lacquer and paint, soldering, the fitting of plastic tubes, and much more besides. Thanks to the freely adjustable temperature control with 3 settings and air rate control with 5 settings the tool can be adjusted extremely precisely to the requirements of the particular task. On the LCD display you can see the current operating mode at a glance.

The RT-HA 2000 E comes with a soft grip which is good to hold and enables user-friendly operation. A wide nozzle, a reflector nozzle, a heat nozzle and a 20 mm reducer nozzle are included for flexibility on many different jobs. There is also a paint scraper for expert removal of lacquer and paint residues from surfaces. For maximum safety during operation, the tool has rubberized support points to ensure good stability.