Einhell-4430880-TE-AG 120-750 A.Grinder
Einhell-4430880-TE-AG 120-750 A.Grinder
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The angle grinder in the TE-AG 125/750 Kit features a sturdy flat metal gear head with excellent power transfer and low vibration operation, both of which help you to work in areas with difficult access. Thanks to its slim housing and soft grip on both the main handle and additional handle, the angle grinder offers a very high level of user-friendliness. In addition, the additional handle can be secured in three different positions for optimum adaptation to the particular workpiece, thus ensuring a reliable hold for comfortable and safe operation. The face spanner is stored in the additional handle so that it is always within reach. A diamond segment cutting wheel for stone and concrete is included so that the machine is ready for immediate use. The package also includes an additional cutting hood guard and a sturdy transport case for keeping the whole set safe. A cable clip for securing the wound-up cable keeps the TE-AG 125/750 Kit neat and safe when stored away.